Some of the text and graphics on do not display properly on my screen.

The design of is optimized for the Microsoft Internet Explorer series of web browsers. The functionality of the website, including creating a login account, purchasing courses, taking quizzes, etc., works with any web browser. However, there are some text and graphics that may appear slightly different than our web designers intended when displayed on your screen if you use a web browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Certain sections of the website may contain both secure and unsecure information and generate a warning from your browser. In this case, please answer that you wish to display ALL content. Otherwise, graphic content will be blocked. If you have received this message and did not answer the warning question correctly, you can refresh the page using Control+R and you will be presented with the warning question a second time.

Certain mobile devices (phones and tablets) may not display the interactive map on the PDHengineer home page, as well as courses listed on the site as ‘interactive.’ This is due to incompatibility of Adobe Flash with some mobile devices. All PDF-based courses should render properly on tablet devices. It is not recommended to access any courses via mobile phones due to screen size limitations.

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