Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

No PDHengineer course or webinar has ever been rejected by a state licensing board.

PDHengineer Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee has a long history of providing high-quality continuing education courses for professional engineers. We’re proud of our track record of state board approvals. In fact, we’re so confident about the acceptability of our courses that every course you take comes with The PDHengineer Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee:

If your state licensing board does not accept any course or webinar for any reason, we will refund the full purchase price. Just send us a copy of the rejection letter issued to you by the board.

If you have any questions about’s money-back guarantee, contact us at

Be Careful Where You Earn PDHs

Be wary of providers that award more credit hours than is warranted by the length and complexity of the continuing education activity. If you are licensed in a state that pre-approves course providers or individual courses (such as Florida, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, or North Carolina) and the organization is approved by your state board, then you should not have any problems with board acceptance of the activity. However, if your licensing board does not pre-approve course providers, then it is squarely on the shoulders of the individual engineer to determine whether an activity meets the board’s acceptance criteria. Here is a checklist of features that you should consider when selecting a provider and a particular activity:

  • Are the credits awarded consistent with the length and complexity of the material?
  • Is the activity educational and does it expand your knowledge and skills? Some seminars sponsored by equipment vendors and manufacturers are heavy on “sales pitch” and light on technical content and would therefore be questionable in their acceptability.
  • Can a portion of the course material be viewed prior to purchase? This gives you the opportunity to judge whether the course content is suitable to meet your state board’s requirements.
  • Does the provider use qualified instructors?  Be wary if there is no author or instructor listed in the course listings or if the same author is listed for dozens of courses covering multiple disciplines.  Most state board rules require continuing education activities to be developed or presented by persons with education and/or experience in the subject matter of the program.
  • Does the provider have adequate customer service personnel and assistance if needed? Are there established ways of receiving technical support in a timely manner? Also, many state boards require providers to have sufficient staff and facilities to maintain adequate records to substantiate credits earned. Without access to these records, your credits may be denied.
  • Does the provider offer a full refund if the activity is not accepted by your state licensing board?

How PDHengineer Protects You takes the following measures to ensure that your PDH credits are accepted:

  • PDHengineer invests the time and expense to gain approval from the state licensing boards that pre-approve continuing education providers.
  • PDHengineer staff invests countless hours each year studying rule changes and corresponding with the state engineering licensing boards. Our PDH compliance expertise is unmatched in the industry!
  • PDHengineer provides online training that has been researched and written by professional engineers for professional engineers. Most PDHengineer Subject Matter Experts are licensed engineers possessing years, even decades, of professional engineering experience. Additionally, many PDHengineer Subject Matter Experts hold patents and have published books and technical articles in leading professional journals. Our Subject Matter Experts span the full spectrum of engineering disciplines offering unparalleled range of expertise.
  • PDHengineer employs rigid review and testing standards for every course to ensure that the subject matter expert is qualified to present the material and that the credits awarded are consistent with the time required to complete the course.
  • All courses offered on cover technical, managerial, or business skills content that meets the requirement of some or all of the engineering licensing boards. And state acceptance guidelines are clearly shown on each course overview page, making it easy to determine eligibility in your state.
  • An abridged “preview” version of each course can be viewed for free on so you can make your own determination whether the content is suitable to meet your PDH needs.
  • PDHengineer provides multiple contact methods to reach one of our knowledgable continuing education specialists. Support is provided during normal business hours and after-hours until midnight each night.
  • PDHengineer maintains hard copies of all completion certificates for no less than 7 years, as well as on-site and off-site backup electronic copies.
  • backs up our courses with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Don’t take chances with your license renewal. Browse our course library to start earning your PDH risk-free.

The PDHengineer Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee applies to every PDHengineer course shown on the course overview page as “accepted” by the state’s board. Due to laws in various states, some subject matter is not acceptable in certain states. Please check our website for state acceptability or call us at 1-877-PDHengineer for more information.